Soul Sessions

Intention: Awaken the Chambers of the Heart

At any time, you have permission to hit the reset button; however to achieve a resolution congruent with our individual purpose, we must awaken the chambers of our heart—a creative expansion of strength and love necessary to transform the course of our lives.
Category: Creative Awakening
The Soul Sessions - Intention: Awaken the Chamber of the Heart
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“Creativity is a ritual of self awareness that unfolds the portal of Divine Love. When we learn to sharpen and aim our creative force we have more opportunity to step confidently into our own personal essence. Exploring and weaving the practice of daily ritual, creative expression and reverence have taught me how to look at my self more deeply— as that portal of divine love has begun to blossom within me, it calls me forth to share the inherent wisdom we can all cultivate by forming a relationship with creativity.”

– Chanti Tacoronte-Perez

When the Earth completes it’s orbit around the Sun, we sense that accomplishment and are naturally called towards a resetting ritual of our own. The heightened energy at the beginning of each new calendar year, collectively steer us to make bold changes in our lives; these rituals are often called “new years resolutions.” Although we feel the wave of pulsating and energetic enthusiasm pushing us towards our intentions, by the second week in February 80 percent of these resolutions will either be forgotten or they stare back at us as disappointment.

The Yogis and Yoginis asks a more realistic question, “how much do I really desire, what I want?” The power of sankalpa, or a resolve-without-fail, is that it’s not fabricated by the sleepy mind, but an intention that awakens in the heart.

This course invokes the wisdom of the sages to lead us through the chambers of the spiritual heart and awaken our intention. Warning: this may not be what you have “in mind” and for that reason your sankalpa has the potential to transform you life. Through sincere effort, practice, ritual, creativity and the support of a community, you can, you will, and you must witness the awakening in your heart.

Course Objective

The objective of this course is to traverse the four chambers of the heart and discover or awaken our individual intention. Students will cultivate the practices of ritual, yoga nidra, meditation, creativity as well as sangha community to witness their intention become part of their lives, rather than just something to attain.

Finally this course will offer ways to look at how our lives need more support and how our bodies are the source of that support. Meaning that there is no sankalpa that can be fulfilled if the body is not being taken care of. Our first week will focus on self care rituals to prepare the body and mind for the adventure into the heart.

Who Should Take This Course

Students will benefit from this course when they are ready to make a life changing commitment (big or small), and are willing to be part of a supportive community. If you have tried to make resolutions, intentions or sankalpas that you haven’t completed or just forgot, this course is for you! If you are willing to put in the sincere self effort, look deep into the chambers of your heart, are ready for a challenge and are open to all possibilities then you will thrive in this online course. Be prepared to get messy, walk into unknown territory, feel free, experience magic, creativity and have fun!

What You’ll Learn in this Course

  • Awaken a heart-centered resolution or intention AKA: Sankalpa.
  • Continue the rituals of self-care and rest.
  • Know the activating power of Yoga Nidra
  • Understand what gets in the way of the intention: identify the saboteur and know what to do when it shows up.
  • Do a weekly self-checkin; identifying the energy, desire as well as the resistance towards the set intention.
  • Use creativity to continue a relationship with the Intention set.
  • Strengthen intuition.
  • Continue to chant the Shiva Sankalpa Suktam

Materials You Will Get Access To

  • 3 “Chambers” of lessons including video tutorials and creative exercises (video)
  • Rituals to support Sankalpa
  • 2 guided yoga nidra practices (mp3 download)
  • 2 guided mediations (mp3 download)
  • Recording of the Shiva Sankalpa Suktam (mp3 download)
  • A creative “Intention” Journal that will be used as support material for this course; it willincluded: journal inquiries, exploration with intention, inspirational quotes, mandalas to color, and extra creative space to explore. (PDF)


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