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  • Soul Sessions

    Intention: Awaken the Chambers of the Heart

    At any time, you have permission to hit the reset button; however to achieve a resolution congruent with our individual purpose, we must awaken the chambers of our heart—a creative expansion of strength and love necessary to transform the course of our lives.

  • Explore, Enliven & Empower the Goddess Within with Chanti Tacaronte-Perez

    “Creativity is a ritual of self awareness that unfolds the portal of Divine Love. When we learn to sharpen and aim our creative force we have abundant opportunity to step confidently into our own personal essence. Exploring and weaving the practice of daily ritual, creative expression and reverence have taught me how to look at my self more deeply— as that portal of divine love has begun to blossom within me, it calls me forth to share the inherent wisdom we can all cultivate from forming a relationship to creativity.”