Fight, Flight, Freeze or Flow with Angel Grant

"The outside world can only change if your inside world does"
Category: Feminine Exploration
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Examine your inherent patterns of relating to yourself and others.

This course is a refuge and a training ground for all of you who shut down, lash out, criticize, get defensive, self-righteous or just plain nasty in the face of conflict. It’s for you who compartmentalize emotions. It’s also for you who want to “change the world” but are still holding a grudge against your mom, dad, current or old lover.

The ways you relate to others is currently calcified. The neural pathways are deep. You can acknowledge and talk for years about all the ways of thinking and being that you’re not proud of without ever actually having a relationship with your darkness. Let’s build that relationship and dig new pathways in your brain.

The latin word for heart is cor, which is the root of the word courage. These four weeks are about courage and reckoning. Both are required to experience life and relationships differently than you have for all these years. We will do this work gently and without self-loathing, because self-loathing is abuse, and abusers live wildly limited lives.

Course Topics:

  • A perceptual rebirth: a new lens through which to welcome conflict and create from it
  • Practices for training your attention and feeling discomfort, the two foundational steps in creating new neural pathways
  • Recognizing habits of conflict
  • Practices for pausing and responding instead of reacting
  • Choices in how you engage with conflict – a whole new world
  • Medical studies that back up the importance of doing this work

Course Materials:

  • 4 one-hour video lectures
  • Interviews  with influential leaders: Michael Meade, Dr. Gabor Maté, Michael Hebb and a surprise guest
  • Reading assignments for expanding knowledge
  • Practical assignments for alchemizing knowledge into wisdom
  • Writing prompts for diving deep into the practice of svadhyaya, or self-inquiry
  • Guided meditation and pranayama (intentional breathing) practices via audio and/or video



                  WELCOME TO LESSON TWO: Let's begin to rewire the way you do conflict! I'm grateful for last week for many reasons, but one is because I learned through fire how to engage online in this format, aka move through my nervous phase and into acclimation. I'm [...]


              WELCOME TO LESSON THREE Thank you for the diving in you’ve done so far. We’ve covered a lot of ground in just two classes, and I’m excited to share this week’s content with you. We’ll talk about the audio practices during our time together in class. Your writing [...]


                Dear One, As our four sessions near an end, I thank you for participating in this course. Sharing these teachings, teachers and path with you is a source of life for me – it just feels right. While putting together all of our shared content, and simultaneously [...]