Mindful Entrepreneurship with Stacy Sims

Create clarity around your business or project idea and establish mindful practices to support you as you develop a plan to nourish yourself in specific and sustainable ways.
Category: Heart Based Leadership
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I help mirror, illuminate and celebrate what you already know, refect how your mind and body can better work together to allow you to experience life at its fullest, and co-create with you sustainable practices to help you be present to your own genius. -Stacy Sims

Course Description

Have you thought about or tried to create a business around your practice, your artwork, your writing, or another passion you have? Do you think about trying to build an audience for what you do or think or feel? Many of us become so inspired when we drop into practices that significantly change our lives and we want to share that with others.

It’s a glorious AND tricky time for innovation, entrepreneurship and wellness, particularly that which is dependent on “brand building” and the brand is you! It can be dispiriting and counterproductive to broadcast identity on our social channels when we haven’t even settled into our own clarity.

Mindful Entrepreneurship will take you through a month of inquiry and practice to begin to deepen your understanding of what you really want and need and simple steps to begin to take strategic, mindful steps toward what that business model might be to support your goals.

We’ll work on marrying our deep desire to the needs of a community large enough to sustain and nourish the union. We will peel back the layers of our ideas of success. We will come to appreciate the work of others we can learn from. We will practice articulating a clear path so that others can easily follow it. And we will work with practical tools for forward momentum past our month together.

Course Objective

To create clarity around your business or project idea and establish mindful practices to support you as you develop a plan to nourish yourself in specific and sustainable ways.

Course FAQ’s

Q: I am not an entrepreneur. Is this course for me?
A: Most of us have something that we think about doing yet it eludes us. We want to return to our journaling, we want to quit smoking, we want to sell our jewelry, we want to help those in need … we can see it SO CLEARLY but we don’t activate around it. This course will help you move out of “stuck” toward that which you desire.

Q: Will I learn about how healing arts or creative business owners make it work?
A: Yes. We will feature a few people who have different business models to give us hope and a reality check. From an ETSY maker to a studio owner, from a writer to a retreat facilitator, we will and out how they do it and what they earn from it (financially, spiritually, emotionally). I will also share from my experience as a novelist, studio owner and educator, and program-creator.

Q: What if I have questions after the course?
A: I will remain available to you as a resource. Feel free to reach out to me at any time and if I can help you with a quick answer or introduction, I will. If it feels like we want to deepen the work, we will figure out what that looks like.

What You’ll Learn in this Course

  • Articulate an authentic, clear vision of what success looks like for yourself over the period of one year.
  • Embrace new daily practices to ground, orient, integrate and innovate.
  • Declutter the mental to-do list and activate around very specific intentions.
  • Have a roadmap (the beginnings of a business plan if that is your goal) to begin to prototype and test your ideas.
  • Be in mindful forward motion on that which calls your name.

Your Instructor

Stacy Sims is a mind-body educator and author. She is the founder of City Silence, an international network of community mindfulness gatherings, Mindful Music Moments, an innovative school program combining mindfulness and music, and the True Body Project, an award-winning trauma-informed wellness program to help girls and women, men and boys connect to their best selves and each other. She founded Pendleton Pilates studios and educator program in 2001 and sold the studios in 2010.

Sims is a also a novelist (Swimming Naked, Viking, 2014), playwright (As White As O, The Vivian Girls) and author of illustrated children’s books on mindfulness with Blue Manatee Press. (When We Are Quiet, 2016 and more to come.)

She is an inspiring speaker and leads workshops on trauma and the body, mindfulness and stress reduction. Sims shares what she has learned from her own experience with addiction and anxiety to a life dedicated to deeply connecting with others.