THE DOITGIRL EXPERIENCE with Sarah-Durham Wilson

Calling the Daughters of Magdalene and the Sisters of Avalon. You are here as powerful Priestess Warriors called to change the world! The DOITGIRL EXPERIENCE will call you into the deepest parts of your unawakened feminine as well as restore and replenish the bottomless well of the mother/giver/healer within you.
Category: Feminine Exploration
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Calling all women who are longing to serve or are in service; women who are remembering their medicine; women who want to come alive to themselves, pleasure, and awaken the Goddess within them; women who want to remember & reclaim their feminine; women who are walking from the life they were handed to the life they truly are called to. Awaken, align and activate the feminine within and without in this four week online course with Sarah Durham Wilson.

Course Materials:

  • 4 one-hour lectures
  • Journaling prompts
  • Recommended readings
  • Rituals
  • Mantras

Course Curriculum:


The 13 Signs (Redux) that you’re a WITCH// An Awakened Feminine Healer.
  • The Witch Hunts (a Gendercide) then & Now.
  • The healing of the witch wound/ fear of self & being seen.
  • The power of the witch
*the power of coven.
  • Earth magic
  • Moon magic
  • Earth healing


  • What does it mean to be a goddess
  • Who is the goddess.
  • Why was she buried. how is she rising.
  • Why do we need her now.
  • How to activate your goddess.
  • The many faces of woman/ the many faces of the goddess.
  • Ritualizing your life.
  • Honoring the goddess within & without.
*attuning to goddess energy & recognizing goddess in your life.
  • Walking as / becoming goddess.
  • The cycles of goddess / the stages of the feminine. * Maiden * mother* mother* crone.
  • Death of the maiden for birth of the mother.
  • Honoring the crone.
  • Feminine energy: why the planet is so starved for it/ raising your own for your own healing & planetary healing. & More.


  • Walking as a woman of soul in a world that’s lost sight of its sacredness*
  • Who is the priestess.
  • Life as the goddess’s left hand woman.
  • Holding sacred communal healing space for the masculine & feminine in us all.
  • Hosting moon circles & leading ritual
  • Representing goddess
  • Mystical sister: offering oneself to mysticism
  • Coming out of the spiritual closet.
  • Life as a woman of god/dess
  • Life in the eternal fire?


  • This is a touch-starved world. This is a love-starved land. Rise up lightworkers.
    • In our final night we will reach the true destination of the feminine awakening: to heal oneself to heal the world, the path of the sacred healer.
    • “i had to live this, so I could learn this, so I could teach this.”
  • The world needs your medicine, woman.* Your wound as your gold
  • Humility in divine service
  • The holy grail of healing: what heals you heals the world
  • Healing the healer’s money wounds
  • Taking one’s own medicine
  • Sustainable service: staying nurtured
  • As you change so does your work: the evolution of your service* a call to action for the planet


Lesson One: The Witch

              What almost didn't happen - did. It almost didn’t happen. That’s the truth. It was palpable – the resistance. Mercury on a rampage. Top of the mountains in Peru. Internet connection not cooperating. Blocks, challenges, walls. That is what a rebirth sometimes feels like, sisters. You fight for [...]

Lesson Two: The Goddess

  These are six Goddess mediations from the Awakening Shakti book by Sally Kempton. The best way to enter your feminine power is by inviting the Goddess in, and these meditations are highly useful tools. There are two meditations on Goddess Durga, the Great Mother, two on Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Abundance, and two [...]