Yoga Beyond the Mat with Alanna Kaivalya

The term Yoga was never meant to be a "one sized fits all" practice. As thriving individuals we must learn to tailor this powerful tradition to our modern Western lifestyle while staying deeply connected to it's ancient wisdom. But how?
Category: Feminine Exploration
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Explore the  intersection of  yoga, psychology, mythology, ritual, alchemy and personal transformation with Alanna Kaivalya. Create a practice that integrates your individual psyche and spirit to feel the connection that is yoga; your yoga.

Based on her book, this course with Alanna Kaivalya guides you to create the specific tools you need to develop your own personal healing practice. Through a powerful combination of practices from East and West, she provides you with a toolkit that you craft to make uniquely yours. This course features an in-depth discussion on the power of developing a daily sadhana (practice) and practical exercises that take you progressively deeper into yourself to open your mind and expand your consciousness. Learn how to create potent personal rituals, access your unconscious, and recruit your highest self into your daily spiritual practice of yoga.

Course Length: 8 hours

Course Topics:

  • Describe and recognize personal symbols
  • Learn the constituents of personal myth
  • Explain the power and importance of the unconscious mind
  • Create personal rituals designed to enhance personal mythology
  • Use yoga practices to create a deeper psychological dialogue between conscious and unconscious
  • Discuss the power of mythology as it relates to a modern yoga practice and its practitioners
  • Apply personal ritual in an accessible format within a modern yoga practice
  • Use The Kaivalya Yoga Method’s specific Yoga Nidra practice to access personal mythological symbols and image

Course Materials:

  • 4 one-hour lectures
  • Weekly photo challenge and review with merits
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Course PDF Workbook featuring “how they were made” favorite image gallery and camera techniques



Welcome! Welcome to the Digital Temple! Welcome to this amazing course! Welcome to your journey. We are so honored you are here with us. Get started personalizing your practice right away in this FREE GIFT from Alanna! Download the video HERE and stream below. ONLINE COURSE BEST PRACTICES Google Chrome is the preferred browser to access the classroom [...]

Lesson One: Preparing the Seeds for Spiritual Practice

WEEK ONE: Preparing the Seeds for Spiritual Practice In this first week, we assess where we are at today, and what goals we have for our spiritual practice. In this week’s lecture you learn: The Spiritual Practice of Yoga: What is it? How do I get one? How to overcome obstacles to your spiritual journey [...]

Lesson Four: The Reemergence

WEEK FOUR: The Reemergence Now that we have developed a ritual, increased our alchemical fire and established a firm connection with our deepest self, it is time to live and breathe our yoga in the world. This week you learn: Techniques for establishing and maintaining your bliss…every day Special concepts that help you bring your [...]