Where is my Guru is committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior. These standards include respecting the rights and dignity of all persons and upholding obligations to others in a fair and honest manner. Each person in the Where is my Guru community plays an important role in maintaining these standards by demonstrating integrity in performing one’s duties and fulfilling one’s responsibilities in our community and environment.


We will weave an authentic thread through all layers of WIMG – an open and honest pursuit of finding the realness in our work. We cannot cut parts of ourself off to be in business or life. To be authentic in this space means we can show up as we are, while leaning on the other WIMG pillars to support growth and transformation for our highest learning.


Everything we do is based on connection. It begins with the connection we have with ourselves, then the connection we have with our work and it spreads out to the connection we have with our teachers and our students and the connection they have with our courses and programs.


We will provide a consistent and reliable experience for our students and teachers and guides..


We strive to expect the best from ourselves and the teachers we work with. Our progress is fueled by our purpose.


The WIMG experience (as a team member, course instructor or student) is the heartbeat of our company. Our intention and attention to detail in how material is shared, how we communicate and how all interactions be it person to person or how our staff and community integrates with our technology is


We expect honesty from all members of the Where is My Guru community. We have a responsibility to conduct ourselves in a manner that maintains and strengthens the public’s trust in the integrity of the University. We will tell the truth, be transparent in our dealings, and never use our authority to influence others to perform inappropriate or illegal acts, or to violate laws, regulations, or WIMG policies.

Integrated Wholeness

Our programs as well as our company culture focuses on the whole being – mind, body and spirit. We will raise the bar in all areas of business and online learning as we embrace each individual as a part of our community as a whole being – and work to meet their needs within the scope of our offerings.


We affirm the importance of integrity in all endeavors. We will be fair, trustworthy, and respectful so as to promote an environment with high standards of accountability. This commitment to integrity extends to both academic and administrative matters, and we strive for continuous improvement in the performance of our duties and obligations.


Love, intention and service are the heart beat of WIMG. The concept was born from love and a desire to serve and make a difference. We have let this “love” guide our growth and we use it as a baseboard to sound off the evolution of the project. You will always be met with a kind word whether you are in a class sending an email, on the phone or meeting us in person.


Just as our intake of food nourishes our bodies – the classes and programs we create are designed to nourish our souls in the deepest way.


We are committed to staying dedicated to our purpose, mission and vision which is the foundation of everything we do as well as the driving force that moves us forward.


We create a respectful environment through our own actions, and we nurture a climate of fairness and civility toward others while recognizing each individual’s dignity, freedom, and diversity, even in the face of disagreement. When acting on the Where is My Guru’s behalf, we will communicate professionally and with civility, act honestly and in good faith, and speak out against hatred and bias.


Students, teachers and staff should feel safe and secure that we are actively creating an environment where what we share and what we teach is held in the highest regard.


If we are not taking care of ourselves, then we will never be able to truly care for others.

Skillful Action

As we grow and learn, together, we cultivate wisdom to live skillfully – connected to our own sense of presence, inner peace and power.


We understand the importance of providing a framework that is strong enough to hold the content we will share in our programs but soft enough for one to make it their own and apply the skills, practices and techniques they learn in our courses in their daily lives.


We take time for reflection with our company culture, with our teachers and to listen and receive feedback from our students.


Every course and program


Our commitment is to always hold a truthful space – within and without our company walls.


Our highest aspiration. To tap into the innate wisdom that we all hold within ourselves to lead the life we are meant to live.