All of this amazing content, intimate interviews and extra goodies (over 150 hours in content!) would normally be valued at close to $5,000! Get your all access pass for the Sex, God & Yoga Conference NOW for only $248!



Do you desire to break free from a cookie-cutter culture, but need a new set of tools from teachers who are truly carving out their own unique path?

As a woman, do you feel connected to your own awakening on a deeply feminine level?

Do you long to feel connected to your own intuition and your inner wise counsel?

Join us for an online experience this July like no other. 


Imagine studying the deepest topics with Angela Farmer, Sally Kempton, Sianna Sherman, Uma Dinsmore Tulli, Linda Sparrow, Indu Arora, Katie Silcox and so many more in one online event you can keep forever. Swoon!

Just a few of the exciting threads this conference will address:

  • Yoga and psychology, mythology and feminism

  • Your sensuality, sexuality and self-esteem – and their role in your spiritual awakening

  • Creativity as a ritual and a portal to Divinity

  • Emotions as portals to God(dess)

  • What it means to simultaneously be a yogini and a modern woman

  • How to rise without losing your sacred ground

  • The power of women lifting up other women (and why this creates bigger abundance/manifestation)

  • Yogini and shamanism – the intersection

  • Physical and meditative techniques that build conscious sexual experiences

  • Shakti, kundalini, prana and other yogini words demystified (and remystified!)

  • Unravel the cultural lie that values women’s youth and devalues aging

Your Conference Pass INCLUDES:

  • An All Access Pass to 30+ unique interviews with our amazing presenters

  • An All Access Pass to 30+ exclusive, downloadable video, audio and workbook practices

  • The Sex, God and Yoga Handbook – A downloadable, printable e-book for note-taking, including our favorite quotes, ideas, reading list and links back to your favorite teachers and resources

  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to all practice videos, meditations and interviews for one full year to watch anytime, anywhere.*

  • Access to the Sex, God and Yoga tribe – Join the community of other Sex, God and Yoga participants via a private Facebook group for ongoing discussions, connections and inspiration.

  • Exclusive discounts offered by our presenters and partners such as special offers for retreats, coupon codes for free online courses, books, products, additional interviews and more.

  • Sex, God & Yoga LIVE – Virtual circles, live streaming video, giveaways and more during the week of the event.

All of this amazing content, intimate interviews and extra goodies (over 150 hours in content!) would normally be valued at close to $5,000! Get your all access pass for the Sex, God & Yoga Conference NOW for only $248!


Join us as we soak in the light of 30+ female wisdom mothers and sisters working in the tradition of yoga. Join us in this deep pause. Join us as we invoke love. As we breathe slowly. As we remember our core value, essential beauty and depth power. Join us in the real, powerful and potent energy of the Divine Feminine. And let these practices, lectures and tools support you in your evolution.




The Shakti Sisterhood Mala was created in collaboration with Mantras + Miracles. Mantras + Miracles jewelry is created with the highest intention, infused with Kundalini Yoga mantra, and treated with Reiki energy creating a unique and powerful vibration.

The Shakti Sisterhood mala is infused with magic, love, and mantra to awaken the voice of strength, love and compassion inside you. Gain courage to own your gifts in the world with Labradorite, embody the Divine Feminine with Moonstone and stay close to the Mother with grounded Sandalwood. The mala is infused with the mantra ADI SHAKTI which tunes one into the frequency of the Divine Mother, and to the primal protective, generating energy.

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This mala was created for the conference in collaboration with Made with Black Onyx, Garnet, Ruby Jade and Rose Quartz, this mala brings together the divine masculine qualities of protection, stability and grounding with the feminine properties of passion, vitality, action and LOVE.

Black Onyx protects, discerns and releases negative energy, Garnet is the stone of passion, devotion, purpose and courage, Ruby Jade stimulates life energy and aids in fearless actions and Rose Quartz supports with unconditional love and infinite peace.

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Big love to our partners, collaborators and sponsors! We could not do this without you!

Sex, God & Yoga Notes

Goddesses & Gurus – Our Founder Featured in Mantra Magazine

“Surround yourself with women who unconditionally support you but also offer you a clear and transparent reflection of who you are.” -Jessica Durivage Our fearless founder, or our “Head Guru in Charge” Jessica Durivage would not bat an eye at revealing some of the most intimate, painful and vulnerable parts of herself  – if it meant that there was an opportunity for deep connection and healing. She has spent the last 10 years nurturing this platform from a blog to a podcast to a platform offering multiple resources from online courses to interviews to conference with the desire to create and sustain a global online community. Normally she is not on the receiving end of an interview – but when Kristen Diversi reached out to see if she might have a few words for Mantra Magazine to share about the Sex, God & Yoga online conference she co-produced this summer with Katie Silcox, in her usual style, used it as an opportunity to share the mission for Where is My Guru which is to remind folks that all of the answers we seek live inside us. She shares thoughts about the teacher/student relationship, the inspiration for the conference and why she is so passionate about being on the front lines of what feminine leadership looks like. Pick up a copy of Mantra Magazine at one of these locations  and check out the amazing spread they put together below. Thank you Maranda, Kristin and the whole Mantra team!                                            ... read more

The Importance of the Unconscious

When I was 26, I had already spent nearly 7 years dedicating my life to the practice of yoga. There had been some major traumas in my teenage years that I had tried to shake off of my psyche through yoga as well as various forms of therapy. But, like many people with similar situations I was making little progress. Seemed strange because I could bend like a pretzel and sit in marathon meditation sessions with the best of them, and I’d studied so many yogic texts they were oozing from my pores and had already begun leading kirtan, which all should have made me feel better. But, I was still miserable inside. Sure, my mind had calmed down, and I’d learned to observe my suffering. At least I could put a name on it and detach from it slightly like a good little witness to my thoughts. The yoga did help to alleviate a chronic back issue that I’d had since being thrown from a horse, but still, even after my diligence and fervor, every negative thought in my head continued to plague me and I couldn’t stop hearing the voice of my father telling me that I’d never be good enough. It was right around this time that I took a trip to Sydney, Australia to teach yoga. I met lots of friends and one of them had a similar upbringing – a crazy father who imbued her with a lot of negative self-talk. But, she had found someone to help her through it. I was amazed and excited, and had to go. She gave me the... read more

An Amputated Soul

We’ve taken to reading our myths like newspaper headlines and trying to factualize them rather than allowing them to remain mysterious and resilient.

read more

Oh Yoga! I Know That Change is Gonna Come

We are witnessing a revolution. Or, rather, a necessary evolution in yoga. Shakeups between teachers and students cause such a stir and a ruckus in the yoga community that yogis are starting to wonder about the efficacy of having only one or two teachers in charge of a system or a lineage. Yoga seems to have built into it the idea that there should be one end-all-be-all person (a guru) that gives us everything we need to develop into perfect yogis. It just doesn’t work that way. There is a very deep misconception about how the principle of a guru works. It can never be embodied in one person because humans are fallible. If we haven’t discovered that about our teacher yet, eventually it will come to pass. This realization is necessary in order to understand what the guru principle actually embodies, which is the fact that perfection (or divinity) cannot be found anywhere outside of us. It is within. We do need external teachers for a while to guide, teach, and hone our understanding and skills. But, at some point, all a teacher can do is lead us inward. Like a big cosmic U-turn, the guru is ultimately only trying to lead us home. Sometimes this critical lesson comes in the most shocking of ways. Our beloved teacher topples from a pedestal and we suddenly realize how much power we gave to them. While it’s genuinely hard to be disappointed, it’s ultimately even more detrimental to surrender our power to someone else. Yoga is designed for us to access and channel our own internal power. That simply can’t... read more
The Powerful Snakeroot and Spiritual Awakening

The Powerful Snakeroot and Spiritual Awakening

Black Cohosh Actaea racemosa, is here to teach us to reclaim the dirt. Like Durga, she offers healing by bringing the dualities of good and bad, right and wrong, dirty and clean together through compassionate presence and power. The energy of Black Cohosh is that of the maiden, mother and crone fused as one Wise Woman ready to share some tea and relax.

read more