SGY – Day One: Angela Farmer – Proud Warrior to Freestyle Feminine (Free Preview)

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“I stopped going up the steep mountain. I returned to the ground. In India, I saw  women comfortable in their bodies in everyday life. I wanted this.”

Perhaps women first learned the power of their life force like the beautiful Goddess, Parvati. There she sat, out in her outdoor bathtub, luxuriating, naked as a jay-bird, in the beauty of the morning sun. Massaging her skin, opening her arms, moving her joints, feeling alive, powerful and at ease in her own form.

Listen to Angela Farmer – internationally loved and known yogini as she tells the story of her own powerful journey from being “blinded by the shining male path,” into a love-affair with the wisdom and primacy of the female body as a vehicle for awakening.

Angela Farmer’s own brand of freestyle yoga has earned her a reputation as an iconoclast, yogini and wise sage. Angela Farmer has been teaching yoga for more than 40 years. She studied with B. K. S. Iyengar over a period of 10 years, and has made several trips to India, where she underwent personal transformation through her interactions with Indians, yogis, and saints. Instinctually, she developed a process of “undoing” rather than “doing” yoga that invites inner dialogue with the body and brings feeling, movement, and freedom to yoga practice. She travels the world teaching her unique approach to energy and healing through yoga.





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