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October 2015



Bridging the Gap – Foundations in Applied Psychology for Yogis

Livia Cohen-Shapiro

Through February 2015

Join the monthly conversation with other yoga teachers and students from around the world to learn, share and grow with scholar/practitioner Livia Cohen Shapiro. This course introduces you to the key building blocks in Applied Psychology for Yogis for your own life or practice and teaching. Learn more here.

Lineage of Love

Katie Silcox

October 20th


What is the lineage of love? Join our FREE e-chat with Katie Silcox to find out how her monthly subscription will bring more inspiration, vitality and freedom into your life. Learn more here.

Some Talk of Social Media

Kristin Diversi

October 21st

How can you build your business and brand as well as create communities and make the world a better place through social media? How do you find and stay true to your authentic voice while and building a public presence? Most importantly, how can you create and measure realistic goals with streamlined strategies so you can focus on your art, craft and services your business offers? Join us Some Talk of You and Me’s Kristin Diversi and for this FREE online discussion hosted by Where is My Guru’s #SoulSchool. Learn more here.

November 2015



Lineage of Love (Launch!)

Katie Silcox

November 1st


Elevate your spirit and return to love in all areas of your life. The Katie Silcox monthly subscription plan brings you more Katie, more yoga, more tantra, more ayurveda, and more self love delivered right to your inbox every, single month. Learn more here.

 December 2015




The Art of Slowness

Jessica Durivage & Special Guests

December 1-22

Speed up to slow down, a thoughtful program during the busy holiday season to bring you back to presence. Learn to see “slow” as a mindful and thoughtful art – a way to create your life, brush stroke by brush stroke. This course will use journaling, coloring and the life you are living right now to create more connection, gratitude and peace. Learn more here.

  January 2016





The Mindful Dating Experience

Meet Mindful & Experts

Jan 6 – Feb 10 2016


6 weeks to get clear, date deeper, and release fears for greater intimacy. Learn more here.

Winter of Love

Katie Silcox & Jessica Durivage

January/February 2016


Keep your fire burning bright and stay cozy and warm in the cave of your heart this winter. Learn more here.

February 2016






The Coven Conversations

Sarah Durham Wilson

February 2016


The famous roundtable of wise women, healers and witches comes to Where is My Guru. Learn more here.

March 2016






Jai Uttal’s House of Bhakti Presents Awakening Bhakti

Jai Uttal

March 1-29

True wisdom and true love reside within all of us. By sharing our hearts and experiences with each other we all simultaneously become the teacher and the students. Dive into the vast ocean of Bhakti yoga through singing, japa, prayer, offering, laughing and crying. Learn more here.

Healing the Human Heart

Chris Grosso and JP Sears

March 18-20


Heal the known and unknown wounds in your heart that separate you from your authentic self. Resolve the emotional and spiritual scar tissue that limits you by. Learn to recognize the source of the repetitive patterns of suffering in your life today. Learn more here.

 April 2016






Feel Good Fast

Moira Nordholt

April 4-24

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be tedious or tasteless and cleansing should not be about deprivation! feel good fast is a 21-day whole foods plant-based “cleanse” that will take the mystery out of eating super healthily and make you feel great – fast! whether you’re cleanse-curious or a seasonal gut-scrubber, moira is going to hold you by the hand, walk you into your kitchen and hit the reset button in the most delicious possible way. be prepared to meet your local farmer, put some tender greens through a juicer and learn some plant-powered kitchen skills from moira via her organic vegan takeout in toronto. Learn more here.

How do YOU do Conflict?

Angel Grant

April 4-24

No one wants to live (or die) in conflict, but part of the human experience  is to navigate everyday conflicts – and not just a few of them – in this lifetime. How can you change your patterns around conflict? And what can it teach you about dying with a peaceful heart? Learn more here.


 May 2016






Everyday Sacred

Jenn Grosso

May 1-31


Deepen your existing spiritual practices or learn how to begin one. This course is open to everyone wanting to connect deeper with the mysteries of everyday sacredness. Join our month-long exploration into what is daily sacred living and cultivating a practice of seeing the sacred in our everyday. Learn more here.

June 2016







The Art of Slowness

Jessica Durivage

June 1-22


Learn more here