Rose Quartz Envy & Third Eye Energy: An interview with Emma Mildon, your spiritual PA

Rose Quartz Envy & Third Eye Energy: An interview with Emma Mildon, your spiritual PA

Where is My Guru’s Jessica Durivage sat down for a literal “other side of the world” skype interview with Emma Mildon, author of The Soul Searchers Handbook. New Zealand native, avid surfer, lover of all things that tickle and awaken the third eye AND even more passionate about sharing the tools in her toolbox with others so they can live a curious and inspired life.

Watch the interview !

Learn more about Emma, get her book and connect with her myriad resources on her fabulous website to keep reminding your soul of it’s job to wake up and know itself. Thank you for all you do, Emma! We love you!

Get more Emma this summer as Emma is part of our Sex, God & Yoga online women’s conference. Sign up to get more information here!

Theming Weekdays for Spiritual Success

Theming Weekdays for Spiritual Success

Remember when you were in elementary school and every day of the week had a selected elective or theme where you’d get a break from class with? For instance: Monday was P.E., Tuesday was art, Wednesday was computer class, Thursday was Language, and Friday was Music. Well that’s pretty much was Jack Dorsey’s secret to success in running two companies at the same time!

Now it’s not exactly like the former elementary schedule, but the concept is pretty genius. Taking two different businesses, the same business foundational pillars were compartmentalized as the focus in a single day structure. This allowed him to work across the board with both businesses.

What if we took themed days to help us out on our spiritual growth?

We DO run two different ‘businesses’ every single day. We run our personal lives and our business lives. We merge it and internalize everything in our bodies and minds. So we have our business model, where is our spiritual one?

There are a number of things you have to do everyday that you could delegate in a business that you can’t in your personal life. Start somewhere and realized there is a need to make realistic commitments. You want to have the most efficiency and fun in your week. Think of this themed week as an brainstorm to help you make your week the most positive and productive for you!


Themed_Days_Week (1)

Take away and always remember – Food is fuel. Sleep is recovery. The pulses and pauses are the beating heart of our life and business. Enjoy and cherish all these little moments, so that you love the big picture.


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Designed by: Crystal Lynn Eaddy
How I Found My Value By Shaping My Life Around Service

How I Found My Value By Shaping My Life Around Service

I’ve been accused (more than once) of giving away the farm.

Whether it was business advice, personal time, working for free or less than what I should have been paid – you name it. It was never my intention to work for free. It was just, well… time and time again I would find myself in a place where what I was giving was not lining up with what I was receiving. While I knew that there was some sort of imbalance there, I could not quite put my finger on it, and so the cycle and pattern continued on for many years. My own personal projects and family priorities were what kept ending up on the back burner – and while I loved helping people out, giving the “friend” discount for my services and offering my gifts and talents for free – it was eating up my self worth and creating a distorted view of how I was valued by myself and others.

I wanted to shift this pattern. I NEEDED to shift this pattern. For not only the sake of my mortgage but also my marriage and the future of my own dreams and desires.

I began in internal process of investigating WHY I felt the need to give my services away without expecting anything in return. Well, right there (without expecting anything in return) was a big “aha!” moment for me. I was taking a spiritual principle about non-attachment and manipulating it so I could use it against myself. Beneath this idea of “working for free” was a deeply embedded belief that I was “not worthy.” Hmmm. That was pretty darn interesting. I began to quietly invite this feeling of “not being worthy” into my meditation practice, into conversations with my husband about bills. I began to notice how much resistance I had around “feeling valued.” This practice of “just noticing” turned up opportunities to dig a little deeper and ask more questions.

What was my intention around giving myself away like this?

The answer that kept showing up over and over again was “a desire to serve.” I wanted to make myself available to be of service to my community and show up to help in whatever ways I could offer. That beneath all of it, I felt that my life was a gift and that by God’s Grace, I have been blessed. Now, I felt as if it was my turn to give back.

OK! Another “aha” moment! The desire I felt was “to serve.” And serving my friends and the community was great and wonderful – but when my own family and my personal relationships suffered because it it, I realized that maybe all I needed to do was some soul searching around re-prioritizing what was truly important to me and where I wanted to be of service. So, I made a list of the top three important things in my life:

1. Family

2. Spiritual Practice

3. Writing


I then made another list of where I felt I need to create value and understand my worth so that I could “serve” what was important to me (are you still with me?):

1. My Social Media Business

2. Teaching/Speaking Career

3. Collaborative & creative endeavors

Another aha moment! It seemed as if my two lists were a bit backwards. I was placing more importance on my external world rather than my internal world. Seem familiar?

Being able to name what was most important to me and go back to it everyday has slowly started to reshape my self worth and how I view myself. When I am able to properly apply the principle of “giving without expecting anything in return” in the areas of my life that are most important to me, I find that I do get back way more in return than I ever anticipated. When I move back into the world, where it is important to me to feel valued, I am more aligned with negotiating my needs. If what the world is offering does not serve what is most important to me, then it is not the right fit.

I am (this is) a daily work in progress.

I have lots of moments where I feel I could so easily slip back into my old habits and patterns. I want to be able to lend a helping hand. I want to give back. I want to support my community and those around me. I am redefining my definition of service. Perhaps today it is sending a good thought, or sharing a compliment. Or simply choosing, in my own self, to do what is most important to be so I can show up as a brighter light for those around me.

Three Habits of a Lifelong Learner

Three Habits of a Lifelong Learner

We have a mantra here at Where is My Guru – #neverstoplearning. Whether you are learning from others or from your own life experience, the opportunity to gain wisdom and knowledge is always at our fingertips.

When we are young, the whole world is our oyster. There is something brand new and shiny around every corner. As we get older, something starts to happen to our passion for learning – and often times fear or failure and disappoint replaces that burning passion to continue to expand our minds and hearts. (more…)

Let’s have Dinner and Talk About Drugs

Let’s have Dinner and Talk About Drugs

Our founder, Jessica Durivage, was beyond thrilled to interview WIMG course facilitator for Mantra Yoga + Health’s latest issue. Angel is a part of two incredibly special projects that are bringing thousands of people together around the dinner table, literally, to talk about what some may say are touchy and taboo topics in our society – Death and Drugs. Let’s Have Dinner and Talk About Death and Drugs Over Dinner were created to initiate compassionate, meaningful and much needed conversation around sensitive topics that so badly need our societies attention.

Here is an expert from the the interview:

Change starts with conversation. Millions of conversations take place every day while sitting at dinner tables around the world. What if we got passionate about creating meaningful dinner conversation with the goal to inspire change? That is exactly what Angel Grant, co-founder of Drugs Over Dinner (DOD), is doing. Her goal is to inspire one million people over the next year to gather together and have compassionate conversations about drugs and addiction.

Jessica Durivage-Kerridge: Many individuals find themselves on the spiritual path spurred by their own recovery from addiction. Why do you think this is?

Angel Grant: We take drugs because we want to feel a sense of connection, and we seek God for the same reason. The search, no matter where it’s directed—divine union or cocaine—begins with pain that comes from believing you’re separate from love. The key is using spiritual practice to turn inward, toward awareness, which is what we actually are.

Pick up a copy of Mantra Yoga + Health at any of these locations to read the full interview!

Angel is teaching “How do YOU do Conflict?” spring 2016 – for more information about when course registration opens, sign up for our newsletter .

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