Lineage of Love


The Lineage of Love is a monthly subscription platform that gives you new and archived content from Katie…


The Lineage of Love is a monthly subscription platform that gives you new and archived content from Katie Silcox. She will offer you a deep and on-going connection to the tools and technologies of the interior life of your spirit. A monthly commitment to sacred lessons designed to be your online love oxygen. Who is this for? I have designed this program to be equally inspiring to my beloved crew of on-going students and clients as well as those of you who are totally new to all of this stuff! Don’t be intimated. We have created this structure to be easy and powerful to all levels of students and spirit-curious newbies.   HERE’S WHAT YOU GET EVERY MONTH

  • One never heard before (Video/audio?) lecture with Katie on a new topic in the realms of yoga, Ayurveda, mysticism, neuroscience, emotion and body-based therapy, herbs, personal growth, manifestation of purpose, health and relationships. Each lecture will walk you directly into a topic designed to create more health, vitality and freedom in your life. These lectures will also include amazing interviews where Katie’s riffs with leading friends, experts and authors in the fields of yoga, science, Ayurveda, sex/relationships, herbal healing wisdom and more. Not to be missed!
  • One never-seen-before guided video yoga practice with Katie. Each month the class will have varying lengths from long to short giving you a downloadable tool box of classes to choose from in your daily life to fit your day and needs. You will learn guided flows to designed to address specific issues such as lack of energy, anxiety, PMS, depression, lethargy and other modern stressors. 
  • One never heard-before guided meditation. Not all meditations are created equal. Each practice will have a different energetic focus for your meditation tool-kit. You will learn practices for grounding, expanding, moving through heart-break, reducing anxiety and igniting the force of your connection to the Divine. 
  • On-going Ayurvedic daily self-care love in the form of a monthly self-care love list. We will keep it very simple. Each month you will be guided through one specific self-care technique in the form of a downloadable PDF. From oils to herbs to brand new Healthy, Happy, Sexy recipes, you will be absolutely glowing!
  • Special deals and discounts. As a member of the Lineage of Love community you’ll get special deals and discounts on select digital programs and live workshops and trainings with Katie. All subscribers to the program will get first dibs admission and x% off of Katie’s new online yoga school to be launched in 2017. 

How do you sign up?

Year Long Plan – $198: When you sign up for the year long subscription – you not only get 15% off the subscription, one month free, you will also receive the acclaimed Summer of Love online 6-week online course FREE (a $198 value!).

Sign up for the Year Long Plan HERE

Monthly Plan – $18: This plan is for you if you want to just be billed every month. You can stop at anytime, but when you sign up for this plan your credit card will automatically be charged each month when you receive all of the subscription goodness.

Sign up for the Monthly Plan Here