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You may have gotten through winter and emerged from your cave in early spring only to wish you could instantly feel lighter, brighter, leaner and greener. You may have tried a juice fast or a fast fast only to crawl back into your den in defeat. You wish someone would hold you by your hand, guide you out of hibernation and open your eyes to the delicious possibilities in your mind and body. Meet Moira. She will guide you on your 21-day hands-on healthy spring cleanse. You will shine.

Instructors:: Moira Nordholt

Course Date: May 1, 2016
Language: English

Course Description


In 21 days we’ll have some mad skills in the kitchen and a sustainable way to a cleaner, greener & leaner lifestyle. 


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This is not about deprivation; this is about nourishment and abundance, wellness and optimism. It’s time to throw down the gauntlet and pick up the vegetable knife! Time to stop talking about eating healthier and feeling healthier and make it happen for ourselves. Together we’ll revamp our pantries, turn our kitchens into sanctuaries, shop for the most nutrient-dense foods in season, get to know our farmers, change old habits, prepare delicious whole food meals and transform our tastebuds.

Who is this course for?

Everyone who wants to feel better in their body, everyone who is curious about a plant-based diet, everyone who wants to learn how to make easy, healthy, delicious whole food meals for themselves, everyone who wants to create new healthier habits and take control of what they put in their bodies, everyone who just wants to know how to eat healthier at home.

At the end of this course you will be able to rock:

  • Feeling less tired, be over sugar cravings and coffee cravings, have a sense of ease in their digestive system
  • Making healthy delicious spring cleansing food
  • An understanding of what foods can be substituted in recipes to create a more healthy and balanced meal
  • A solid roster of juices, smoothies and plant-based recipes
  • What healthy habits you wish to incorporate into your lives and what you can't let go of that is no longer working
  • A sustainable food prep practice for long-term healthier lifestyle   

A 21 day breakdown:

~ Week One - Easing In & Cleaning Out
Awareness of our habits, letting go of what’s no longer working, revamping the pantry, discovering new tastes

~ Week Two - Detox & Abundance
Going deeper into our bodies and minds, discovering why we eat what we eat, finding abundance in simplicity

~ Week Three - Creating a Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle
Kitchen magic, making healthy delicious, raising our vibration, reverence in every morsel

Feel Good Support:

  • Weekly hour-long live catchup
  • Private facebook group
  • Cookbook/guidebook with shopping lists, menus & recipes (pdf)
  • Private video cooking classes   


A 21-Day Breakdown


Still on the fence? Check out this interview Moira did with VegNews about the ins and outs of a vegan lifestyle and navigating skillfully in a "cleanse" happy culture. 


Your Guru

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Moira owned and operated the first vegetarian restaurant in the rocky mountain resort town of Banff, Alberta way back in 1994 and she’s been experimenting with kitchen chemistry all her life. She believes that food is medicine, and has made it her mission to share the miraculous healing power of whole plant foods with everyone she feeds. Her food was featured in the hit documentary “Forks over Knives” and she’s contributed her feel good recipes to cookbooks, food blogs and magazines.  

Moira is owner, head bottle washer and chief of deliciousness at feelgoodguru, a super-healthy plant-powered takeout in Toronto founded on the principals of wellness and optimism. Her matcha almond latte jar is not always hot but it is always half full.

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