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Elevate your spirit and return to love in all areas of your life. The Lineage of Love is THE place to explore the teachings of Ayurveda, Tantra, Yoga and Love-Based Mysticism with ease, continuity and total commitment to your spiritual path.

Instructors:: Katie Silcox

Course Date: March 1, 2016

Course Description

Love is the core of the core of the teachings...

The Lineage of Love is a monthly subscription platform with Katie Silcox. She offers deep and on-going support to the tools and technologies of the interior life of your spirit and a connection to sacred lessons designed to be your online love oxygen.

 This Spring at Lineage of Love...

LOL Cleanse1

This April - join the 200+ tribe to cleanse body and brain for bliss!

Cleansing is not about losing weight or looking a certain way. Its about clearing our brain and our gut from the toxins that are keeping us from experiencing bliss. Traditional societies have understood how cleansing effects the brains for thousands of years. Cleansing was a vital part of the rituals associated with creating the optimal conditions for spiritual experience. And we need not be seeking enlightenment to get the happiness-chemicals that cleansing brings to the brain. 

How cleansing creates more bliss:

  • It helps restore the gut lining  that has been weakened in all of us through processed foods, wheat, GMOs and chemicals in our food system. The gut is the major site of serotonin production - the happy chemical.
  • It restores the mitochondria of the cells - this is the energy fuel source in each and every cell of the body. Modern diets (even healthy ones!) can damage mitochondria and leave us with inflammation and low-energy.
  • It rewires the brain for joy with the right foods that actually build the brain’s capacity to operate from the prefrontal cortex - the part of the brain that can see creative opportunity where it once saw danger (fight or flight). 
  • It turns on your body’s repair and growth mechanisms (instead of aging and degeneration).

Join Katie and her 200+ strong Love Tribe for this 7-day cleanse. We will incorporate the best of ancient Ayurveda offers, as well as modern methodologies for bliss and well-being. 


There's more...


 The Lineage of Love is a monthly soul subscription to offer an ongoing structure of support to keep you plugged into your life-force love socket. 

Become a part of a growing global movement. We invite you to dream the new dream. That dream is one of love and compassion.  


Who is this for? 

I have designed this program to be equally inspiring to my beloved crew of on-going students and clients as well as those of you who are totally new to all of this stuff! Don't be intimated. We have created this structure to be easy and powerful to all levels of students and spirit-curious newbies.  


~ More health, vitality and freedom in your life ~

~ An intimate, on-line home with Katie Silcox ~

~ Cutting-edge classes and lectures on yoga, science, Ayurveda, sex/relationships, plant-medicine and more ~

~ Inspiring talks and meditations designed to help you live the most fulfilled, happy life possible ~

~ Technologies that help you reduce lack of energy, anxiety, PMS, depression, lethargy and other modern stressors ~

~ Easy self-care practices that lead to better sleep, digestion and juicier sexuality ~

~ An elevation of spirit and a return to love in all areas of life, both spiritual and worldly ~



One never heard before audio or video lecture

One never-seen-before guided audio or video yoga practice 

One never heard-before guided meditation 

On-going Ayurvedic daily self-care love 

Special deals and discounts


Year Long Plan - $198: When you sign up for the year long subscription - you not only get 15% off the subscription, one month free, you will also receive the acclaimed Summer of Love online 6-week online course FREE (a $198 value!).

Sign up for the Year Long Plan at the Bottom of the Page!

Monthly Plan - $18: This plan is for you if you want to just be billed every month. You can stop at anytime, but when you sign up for this plan your credit card will automatically be charged each month when you receive all of the subscription goodness.


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“I’ve created the Lineage of Love with WIMG because I feel a deep need to be in constant connection to the practices that bolster my heart strings. I see my students in workshops. I meet with you and we dive deep in trainings. I counsel people one on one. You’ve read my book, but you aren’t sure how to start or how to keep the flame of your spiritual practice passionately bright. There is a feeling amongst us that the chord of yoga is hard to keep alive amidst the speed and madness of daily life. We attend an event together, get excited and juiced on the light of our yoga, meditation and self-care practices, only to find the flame dwindle as we lose our discipline and fall off the spiritual practice wagon. We need a renewed commitment. Guidance. Inspiration. And most importantly, a community of support.” - Katie Silcox

Course Structure